Carla Pantaleon-Stovell

MA Licensed Broker

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About Carla Pantaleon-Stovell

A long time Boston resident, Carla Pantaleon-Stovell, considers public service to her community as a calling. For her, helping others is a way of life, a belief that is evidenced by her previous profession as a Property Manager and by her choice of a career in Residential Real Estate. Committed to the concept of treating clients and prospects exactly as she would wish to be treated were she in their position. Carla is in-tune with her clients. She relishes her time spent with them and dedicates herself to giving them the best service possible. A great communicator, she has built a large circle of influence in her community and, thanks to her Community involvement, she knows the areas where she shows, lists, and sells. Those who know her admire her strong sense of honesty, integrity, and loyalty; all attributes that are hard to beat. Hard-working, she believes strongly in self-improvement and subscribes to the idea that one should never stop learning. Her level of expertise in the market comes from that quest and her ability to match clients, needs with her knowledge of existing inventory. A devoted wife, and mother of two daughters and two sons. She said "My children, have been the greatest influence on my life and are the reason I am willing to work so hard. Carla has always been an active volunteer in all of her children's schools in one aspect or another. She has served as School Parent Council Secretary-BLA 2009 - 2012; School Parking lot volunteer-SAS 2012- 2016 as well as FSA Secretary -SAS 2018 - 2021. She also actively volunteers at her home Church-JCC Stoughton. Clearly, Carla Pantaleon-Stovell is a great professional working for you in any Real Estate transaction.